Membership Eligibility Criteria

For Membership with voting rights: NDA alumni settled in Australia as permanent residents or citizens and those on a bridging visa in Australia awaiting a decision on their substantive visa application to migrate to Australia.

Associate membership: NDA alumni temporarily visiting Australia or having family ties/connections/other interests in Australia and planning to either visit or apply to immigrate to Australia.

Are You a ‘FRIEND OF THE NDA’ Settled In Australia?

In case you are not an ex-NDA but were posted at the NDA for at least one year in any capacity or you are a civilian instructor/lecturer/professor who taught the cadets, please contact the Secretary on

Download Membership Form

You may download the membership application form, fill it and email to or you may fill the online form below.

I have read the above eligibility criteria and wish to apply for:


Membership fee(Annual)

Associate Member $10

Permanent Member$20

Please transfer electronically to

Account name NDA AA AC


Account number10181671

Attach proof of payment


Additional Declartion for Associate memebrs only

Note on Membership Fees

--Fees will be payable on 01 July every year.